The SPIN Academy offers a broad range of resources to grow the communications capacity of your organization. We provide these online resources free of charge to introduce you to the basics of strategic communications.

  • SPIN Works! is the SPIN Project’s activist-friendly media guidebook. It’s full of tips, tactics and strategies that empower advocates with a vast array of skills for shaping public opinion on their issues through the press. First published in 2000, and updated in 2005, the book is currently out of print, but this PDF is free for you to download.

  • Now that your nonprofit is the publisher managing your own communications channels, an editorial calendar can be a great way to manage your content pipeline. LightBox Collaborative’s 2017 editorial calendar is presented as a Google spreadsheet. Each month has its own tab containing the group’s ideas on opportunities for your organization to share ideas and information and generate conversation. They’ve included red-letter dates to help spark your creativity on the conversations that will advance your cause via new media and traditional media opportunities.  Rather than tying this year’s calendar to the specific dates of 2017, they have included the events that happen every year in the same months, so that you can keep using this version in perpetuity.

    Download a copy and customize with calendar hooks, program dates, events and other important dates that your organization can leverage for successful communications.

  • Heath Wickline offers a case study of the successful crowd-funded advertising campaign he planned for Uniting NC in 2011 using the LoudSauce platform.